What is the most awaited moment of a birthday party, gifts excluded? The arrival of the birthday cake. There are pastry shops specialized exclusively in the creation of birthday cakes and sugar-paste decorations.

Some of these exclusive pastry shops are also found online, so lucky residents can celebrate birthday parties and order online birthday cakes, knowing that they can always choose the most original and tasty cake for themselves and the guests. Needless to say; however, there are timeless birthday cakes that are always the most requested by adults and children.

Ranking of birthday cakes

There is no limit to gluttony, and wanting to draw up a ranking of the most popular ones from everyone could make their ranking based on memories and tastes, yet there are timeless classics:

  • Saint Honoré cake: sponge cake, profiterole, cream, cream, chocolate coulis, there are all the elements to satisfy anyone’s throat. It is the birthday cake par excellence, with a sure visual impact and effect on the palate.
  • Classic cream cake: sometimes simplicity wins over everything, a simple sponge cake on three (or more) layers filled with cream, chocolate, or other filling and covered with plenty of fresh creams. To dilute the single white color of the cream, you can indulge yourself with the decorations (sugared almonds, sugar paste, chocolate.
  • Chocolate cake: the quintessence of gluttony is chocolate, and proposing a cake declined entirely in chocolate, from sponge cake to filling to decorations and coating, makes not only children happy, but also adults;
  • Profiterole with chocolate or pistachio cream: although it is not a real cake, the greedy “mountain” of cream puffs dipped in a pour of melted chocolate is increasingly requested as a birthday cake. For the filling of the cream puffs, you will be liked for choice with whipped cream, Chantilly cream, chocolate, and pistachio.
  • Charlotte: for many years, it was the birthday cake par excellence, then it fell into “disgrace” while remaining one of the most elegant and refined cakes to be presented with its delicate berries, Chantilly cream, and soft sponge cake.
  • Millefeuille: liked for the delicious variety of filling from all kinds of creams, chocolate, and fruity creams. Others may find the flaking of the pastry unpleasant, but part of the fun lies in getting dirty with the icing sugar and the melt-in-your-mouth form.
  • Tiramisu: spoon desserts quickly climb the rankings of the most popular birthday cakes because you can serve them in portions, there is no risk of getting dirty, and they are very tasty. The most loved spoon dessert of all is the classic tiramisu with coffee or in its fruit variants.
  • Cupcakes: always respecting the logic of the portions already defined, in order not to run the risk of making irregular slices and distributing the cake badly, perhaps displeasing some guests, an idea that comes from the USA is the cupcake cake: compositions of desserts in single portions with different flavors the most disparate on which the envoys can draw.
  • Tart: another classic of the birthday cake – which tradition has it to be tastier if made at home – resists despite the passage of time. The timeless shortcrust pastry decorated with custard and fruit to taste or with fruit jam remains the birthday cake that reminds us of grandmother and goodness.
  • Rainbow cake: of American origin, it is a very colorful cake that children like a lot. Its 8 rainbow-colored layers filled with cream and coated with cream or chocolate are a greedy temptation even for adults who love trends and a touch of fluorescent.

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