Best Desserts for Christmas

Thanksgiving is a holiday with plenty of dessert recipes to make that will delight one and all. However, after such a sumptuous feast, it can be hard to create unique treats for the next major holiday: Christmas! Christmas deserves to be set apart as its own special time of year. Yet, it can feel daunting to think up traditional Christmas desserts to satisfy young and old alike. Never fret for you shall find listed a treasure trove of the best Christmas desserts that will not only delight but inspire Christmas cheer in any Scrooge.

Yule Log Cake

The yule log is a favorite holiday tradition celebrated around the world. To celebrate the burning of this special log, try creating this delicious cake! Created in France during the 19th century, this chocolate with cream cheese filling makes for a tasty combo that will surely make you feel cozy as you enjoy by the fire. Though traditionally it is made using a yellow cake, this chocolate version will double the wow factor at your next gathering!

Cupcake Wreath

The evergreen decor of the season brings cheer to one and all. This circle of greenery dotted with baubles and decked out in a bright red bow is a staple of holiday decor. A door doesn’t feel the same at this time of year if a wreath is not hung upon it. Why not honor this classic decoration with these cute cupcakes! Either try a new recipe or whip up a batch of your favorites to frost and decorate. Try pairing your green frosting with crystal sprinkles to look like snow or add little red bows. You can craft each cupcake to be a unique wreath or have the whole collection resemble the decoration on your own front door! Your holiday cupcakes are sure to stand out on a dessert platter with this spin on a traditional staple.

Christmas Bark

One of the best Christmas desserts you can create is Christmas bark. Like its cousin peppermint bark, this concoction of chocolate-covered graham crackers is topped with your choice of pretzels and candies! Many love to top this sweet treat with crushed candy canes or sprinkle chocolate chips to maximize the yum power. A relatively new dessert, it has made waves within the last fifty years due to how versatile it can be. You can go all out with melted milk chocolate along with matching chips and candies. Going with white chocolate allows a pure backdrop to shower with pretzel and minty goodness. The hardest part of creating this masterpiece is trying your best to not eat it all in one sitting!

Christmas Fudge

Fudge is a treat that everyone enjoys, so why not make a special batch for Christmas? Fudge has been given as a gift during the holidays for centuries! Topped with festive sprinkles, this dessert will bring a smile to everyone’s face! Maybe you should leave some out for Santa while you’re at it? You’ll most likely end up at the top of the nice list.

Bread Pudding

To put a traditional spin on your holiday meal, try serving bread pudding! One of the oldest traditional desserts on this list, this 18th century dish is served around the world with different places taking their own spin on the idea. Whether you prefer yours sweetened with maple syrup or loaded with raisins and apples seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg, taking a bite will be a trip into the past while brightening those who are enjoying it in the present. Who would have thought that stale bread could become something so scrumptious!

The holiday season is meant to be a time together with those we hold dear. As the year draws to a close, we can’t help but feel the need to show those around us a little cheer. We each have gone through so much that the spirit of the season can feel far away. Nothing can lift the spirit or make a gathering sweeter than serving up a new treat or two. Making memories and new traditions while creating and consuming new foods will warm even the coldest of hearts. Share laughs as you work together to learn a new recipe. Let your creativity loose as you decorate baked goods or top melted chocolate with oodles of goodies to be devoured. Whether you’re living your dream of being a professional chocolatier or mass baking your favorite cupcakes, the best Christmas desserts are meant to be shared to make everyone’s Christmas a little sweeter and a little brighter.