5 bestselling vanilla flavored GNC whey protein that you must check-out

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Whey protein is one of the most popular fitness supplements. It is ideal for beginner and advanced level fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Vanilla flavored whey protein is a favorite of many because of its universal taste. It is so easy to add vanilla whey protein to various breakfast recipes and get all the goodness of protein. Think of pancakes, guilt free muffins, or vanilla smoothies, GNC vanilla protein powder can become a part of all these recipes. 

With GNC you get the best of the best quality. The brand has been a global leader in health and fitness and has more than 85 years of scientific expertise. The GNC difference helps you in many ways – products are designed by nutrition  experts, heritage of quality, a wide range of scientifically proven products, unique multi-pronged formulation step, exceptional customer service, and truth in labeling.  

It is best that you consult your doctor before including any new GNC protein to avoid any side effects. Also be careful about the dosage. It will be mentioned on each of the package and it is highly recommended that you do not consume excess amounts. 

Check out these 5 top selling GNC protein supplements in vanilla variant. 

  1. GNC Pro Performance 100{8f88e5b5da9605a9a7428c5975c38930642a70b6534bd5bbb2be95313c655561} whey protein 

One of the most popular GNC protein powders is GNC Pro Performance 100{8f88e5b5da9605a9a7428c5975c38930642a70b6534bd5bbb2be95313c655561} whey protein. It is the perfect protein supplement for all your fitness needs. Each serving provides 24 g high quality whey protein, 5.5 g naturally occurring BCAAs, and has the goodness of additional digestive enzymes for better digestion and quick absorption.  It is perfect companion for the beginners and can also suit the people on the go to meet their protein requirements.

There are various benefits of including this GNC protein in your fitness routine – helps build lean muscles and aids muscle strength, reduces fatigue and muscle soreness especially after intense workouts, supports post workout recovery, and supports healthy metabolism. It is gluten free, has zero added sugar, mixes instantly, and tastes amazing! 

  1. GNC AMP Pure Isolate 

If you are looking for a whey protein isolate supplement in vanilla variant called vanilla custard that’ll help you accomplish your fitness goals, then do check out GNC AMP Pure Isolate. It is a premium formula that fuels athletic performance and helps build strength. Each serving delivers 25 g muscle building protein, 5 g naturally occurring branched chain amino acids, and 17 g muscle supporting amino acids to speed up muscle recovery. It also has added 1 g creatine. 

The main benefits of GNC AMP Pure Isolate are – maximizes muscle gain, enhances lean muscle mass, assists in quick recovery post workout, reduces fatigue and muscle cramps, and helps in muscle growth and repair. The vanilla variant is delicious and you can have it either as a protein shake or add it to different recipes. 

  1. GNC AMP Gold Series 100{8f88e5b5da9605a9a7428c5975c38930642a70b6534bd5bbb2be95313c655561} whey protein advanced 

Next on the list we talk about the supremely popular GNC AMP Gold Series 100{8f88e5b5da9605a9a7428c5975c38930642a70b6534bd5bbb2be95313c655561} whey protein advanced. It is the perfect protein blend with the goodness of whey protein hydrolyzed, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein isolate for superior absorption and nutrient uptake. Each serving provides 24 g protein, 5.5 g BCAAs, 4 g glutamine, and 100 mg digestive enzymes. It is an advanced and micro-filtered protein formula that assists in quick post workout recovery, maximizes muscle gain for advanced level bodybuilders, helps in gaining lean muscle mass, reduces tiredness and muscle soreness, and prevents muscle breakdown after strenuous workouts. 

The vanilla variant tastes amazing and gets mixed instantly. Just add 1 scoop to 180 – 240 ml chilled water or milk and make a rich protein shake. You can consume it – early morning,  post workout, or in-between meals as a healthy snack. 

  1. GNC AMP Wheybolic 

GNC AMP Wheybolic is one of the finest GNC whey protein supplements. It is clinically proven to increase muscle size and strength by 30{8f88e5b5da9605a9a7428c5975c38930642a70b6534bd5bbb2be95313c655561} in just 8 weeks. It is the perfect GNC protein supplement that’ll help you push your limits and help you power through intense workouts. The advanced enzyme blend in ProHydrolase fuels greater protein absorption—while Velositol accelerates muscle protein synthesis after challenging workouts. There are many benefits of this whey protein powder – it supports strength, stamina, and performance; fuels anabolic muscle support and recovery; and assists with quick recovery post workouts. Each serving provides 40 g protein, and 15 g BCAAs including 10 g leucine. It is great for use before and after cardio workouts. 

  1. GNC PMD Amplify XL 

GNC PMD Amplify XL provides a superior formula with the goodness of whey protein concentrate, whey protein hydrolyzed, and whey protein isolate. It is also loaded with glutamine and amino acids. 

It is the ultimate post workout protein formula to support muscle recovery, help with lean muscle gain, and support protein absorption. It has controlled release egg protein that facilitates recovery 2 -3 hours post workout. GNC PMD Amplify XL is also fortified with seeds and greens health blend to support additional health benefits like – rich in antioxidants, supports cardiovascular health, and gives healthy and glowing skin. It has the right balance of electrolytes that support post workout rehydration. The vanilla variant is one of the top selling GNC protein supplements. 

Buy all these whey protein supplements directly from GNC India’s official website – www.guardian.in . Shopping from the website is really easy and convenient. You can read all the product information mentioned and also go through various customer reviews and ratings to make your purchase completely value for money.