Common Mistakes When Ordering a Birthday Cake

Time flies, especially when you’re celebrating a birthday! It seems like only yesterday that you were turning one year old and eating your first piece of cake. This year, as you prepare to celebrate another milestone in your life, don’t make the same mistake so many people make when ordering a birthday cake – forgetting or neglecting important details.

No matter how well you plan, there are always a few things that can go wrong when ordering a birthday cake. From making common mistakes to not reading the fine print, here are some tips to help you avoid any problems and ensure that your cake is everything you and your loved ones imagined.

1. It’s just too much of everything.

Birthday cakes are a celebration of sweet treats, so don’t go too far with your design! A basic cake and some key elements will make it stand out more such as colours or fruit. You also want to keep things simple when designing the icing because too many details can take away from perfection.

A few strong hues can also make an impact by drawing attention away from smaller details like flowers used solely because they’re shiny enough without being distracting–their glossiness stands out against other items better than any particular flavour might do otherwise.

2. The cake is too small for your guests.

It is best to order more than enough cake for your guests so they have something satisfying.

A lot of situations call for a variety in food, and this can include desserts like cakes or pastries. Cake sizes vary from person-to-person; some people may not eat as much while others seem able to polish off an entire plateful! The key here would be figuring out how many servings each guest will require before purchasing anything – which means overestimating just slightly on purpose.

3. Becoming a control freak with your baker.

Cake customisation can be a hit or miss depending on who you ask. For example, the baker may have an opinion about whether certain decorations should go onto your cake and what flavour they would like to use with it–but this doesn’t mean that these opinions are set in stone!

Listen carefully when choosing their suggestions: every person has different preferences so there’s no need for things to heat up if you don’t agree with each other’s ideas. It is important to keep in mind that as the client, you have the vision for your cake; meanwhile, the baker has the technical expertise to bring your vision to life.

4. Not checking your guests’ food restrictions.

So, you want to have a birthday party but are not sure what ingredients the baker uses? Well, that’s easy! Just check with your guests before ordering their cakes and then inform them if any of them has an allergy or preference towards certain things.

For instance: some people suffer from nut allergies while others cannot tolerate gluten due its connection with wheat in this case – so it might be worth asking about these preferences beforehand when making arrangements for cake delivery. It will also save time trying substitutes should someone react badly during consumption.