Why We Don’t Serve “All You Can Eat” Sushi

Sushi Inc. has been a St. Petersburg staple since 2013. We haven’t had an “all-you-can-eat” sushi menu in all of this time. We still offer a wide variety of authentic Japanese cuisine. We are the largest sushi maker in Vegas, providing sushi at both local events and quality sushi at restaurants and buffets. We also offer a wide variety of fresh sushi at our restaurants in St. Petersburg, Henderson. What gives? What’s the point of offering “all you can eat sushi”?

We Can Beat All You Can Eat

Here are four reasons Sushi Inc. doesn’t offer sushi “all you can eat”.

1. Sushi Inc. Only Serves the Freshest Fish

Sushi Inc. prides itself on serving the best fish in St. Petersburg. We have developed and maintained relationships with Japan that allow us to offer the most diverse selection of fish, including rare and seasonal varieties. Sushi Inc. is proud to use only fresh-caught fish in its sushi. This ensures a rich, fresh, and high-quality taste.

A sushi restaurant that serves all-you can eat sushi requires you to purchase fish in large quantities and freeze it. This allows you to produce sushi plates faster and more cost-effectively. Fish loses its delicate, fresh texture when frozen. Research has shown that freezing fish can affect its texture and can increase the bacteria content. This can cause illness if it is handled improperly. Fish that has been frozen loses most of its water content and soluble vitamins. We don’t believe in sacrificing quality for quantity. So we only use the highest quality fish and make sure it is fresh when possible. We are happy to serve less sushi if that is what it takes. Customers love to return time and again, eager to discover new tastes and be able to order them again.

2. We serve the best cuts of fish

To produce sushi in large quantities at low costs, all-you-can-eat restaurants use whole fish. Customers tend to order more food and order more often. However, the price is kept low to encourage new customers. Restaurants must find ways to reduce costs by offering low prices and high volumes.

Sushi Inc.’s expert sushi staff selects the finest fish to ensure that we deliver consistently delicious sushi to our clients. Many of our regular customers are sushi experts and can attest the high quality of the sushi platters we serve. They know what they like and they are certain they will receive the same delicious dish each time. Sushi Inc. likes to be one cut above the rest and not compromise on the quality or the quantity of the fish that we use.

3. Sushi Specialties Seasonally Available

Sushi Inc.’s sushi restaurant is known for its unique and diverse menu . This reflects Sushi Inc.’s commitment to offering clients the best, rarest, and freshest fish species. Many sushi lovers have made Sushi Inc. their home due to its ability to create new and interesting varieties of sushi. It is important to focus on seasonal varieties and try new recipes. You won’t find any specials at Sushi Inc..

Sushi Inc. is proud of its wide variety of sushi and other traditional Japanese cuisines. Many all-you can-eat sushi restaurants focus on a fixed menu that’s easy to prepare, affordable and quick. This is not how we like it. We do pass on the higher prices of some fish species that are rare or difficult to find. These customers are savvy and know how to enjoy an exceptional sushi-eating experience. They will happily pay more to have the opportunity to try a rare delicacy made by Japanese sushi masters.

Some varieties of fish can only be found on a seasonal basis. Take a look at some of the daily specials that we made last fall.

4. Sushi Preparation: Expertise and Care

Sushi Inc. is known for its variety and high-quality sushi. We believe it to be the best sushi in St. Petersburg. Our sushi chefs have been trained in Japan and have many years of experience. They are skilled in preparing fresh sushi to the highest standards and have an eye for style, presentation, and creativity. Sushi Inc. prides itself in being able to make the finest sushi and share this knowledge with all of its customers. This high-quality and meticulous preparation makes us the best place to eat sushi.

Sushi Inc. offers only the best quality sushi

Sushi Inc. doesn’t offer all-you can-eat sushi. This is because they are focused on quality. We believe that changing the ingredients or the preparation of food to meet the demands of an all you can eat menu is a compromise in quality, taste and presentation. Pre-made or low quality foods are not acceptable to our sushi chefs. Our restaurants serve fresh sushi made from scratch for every customer. This is just like our founders years ago. We take great pride in this.

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