Top 7 Must-Have Foods in Southern Spain

Visitors or tourists to Spain will enjoy the rich architectural structure and design, with heavy Moorish influences. Apart from enjoying the art around Spain, there is the food.

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Let’s see what foods are the must-haves in Spain

1.  Paella

This rich rice dish is originally from Valencia, eaten by farm workers as lunch. Now, it’s a favorite served at restaurants, family gatherings and even parties. It can be cooked with many different ingredients, which have led to versions found here and there.

The dish is as one desires. Vegetables can be mixed with seafood to create a seafood paella. One can use meat also to create the beef version.

2.  Jamon Ibérico

This is a meal prepared with ham from a particular type of pig. If you love pig meat, you should try this. There’s a particular breed of pig usually used to prepare this meal. And there are three types – Bellota, Recebo and Cebo. Each has its own feeding style and how the meat is cured to give its delicious taste.Not a sight to miss hanging from ceilings at bars or markets.

3.  Tortilla Espanola

A simple dish that has been around for centuries. Made with potatoes, onions, vegetables, eggs and olive oil. Depends on what you want inside. It’s fried till the edges turn crispy, but the middle is soft, much like an omelet.

4.  Gambas Pil Pil

If you like seafood, especially prawns, then go for this. Prawns are fried together with some garlic, chili and paprika in hot oil. Served with bread.

5.  Berenjanas con Miel

This meal has Moorish origins and a sweet combo of sour and sweet. Easily translated to aubergines with honey. Not just any honey but cane honey (Miel de cána). Aubergines are sliced thinly, battered, fried, served into dishes with honey and sesame seeds sprinkled all over them.  Usually a starter meal or side dish.

6.  Patatas Bravas

Potatoes cut into cubes and fried. A mashup involving ketchup mayonnaise and hot sauce or one or two of the three is sprinkled on the fried potatoes, ready to melt into your mouth.

7.  Albondigas en Salsa

This meal is meatballs in sauce. Served in most tapas bars around Spain. Variations are dependent on the sauce, and every family has its own distinct version. The most popular ingredients for the sauce are flour, garlic, white wine, olive oil, carrot and tomatoes. When next you visit Spain, ask for this and inquire about the ingredients used to make them.

The beauty of Spanish food is the number of variations that can be found. Each version gives its own effect on taste buds.