How To Choose A Laminate Wood Floor That Is Right For You

Laminate is one of the options for wood flooring that is affordable but still of high quality and durable. Here are some tips for finding and choosing the laminate floor that works best for you.

– Choose the floor style

There are two types of laminate flooring available, namely plastic and engineered. All of them have a plank shape and are roughly the same size. The difference is, engineered wood has a layer made of real wood which is under and above for stability.

Although the wood finish on the upper engineered wood flooring is thinner, it is still of high quality and is generally coated with acrylic. Meanwhile, plastic laminates are really artificial. Melamine layer on the bottom, fiberboard in the middle, and a layer that resembles wood on top and covered with hard plastic.

If you prefer natural looking wood floors, then engineered is the type that is more suitable. Of course, the price is more expensive than plastic laminate and can be up to twice as much. However, you can sell this floor house at a higher price because the wood looks original.

However, this real wood makes engineered floors more prone to scratches, stains, and curves. But you can renew this floor three times so that it is more durable than plastic laminate. What is clear, place this floor away from areas that are often exposed to water or heavy loads.

Another case with plastic laminates, you can install it in areas that are often exposed to water and even wet or places that have a lot of weight. The hard top layer and other components made of plastic make this floor very strong and durable.