Common Mistakes When Making Popcorn

Popcorn is a delicious snack that most people enjoy. Have you ever had popcorn from the cinema? Or better yet, have you ever made it yourself at home? Popcorn is a fairly simple process that can be messy if done wrong, you could end up ruining your whole batch.

Popcorn comes out soggy, burnt, or just plain flavorless. Thus, knowing the don’ts beforehand is a must.

Using the Microwave

Popcorn is best when made in a pot on the stove. Microwave popcorn tends to come out soggy and limp, with none of that crispy outer texture that looks like it came straight from the cinema. 

So, next time you plan on making popcorn, try doing it the old-fashioned way, in a pot with a little oil or butter on the stove.

Using Old Popcorn

Popcorn is best when it’s fresh, as it tends to pop better and taste better than old popcorn that has been sitting around for a few months. If you want to make your next batch of popcorn just right, try buying some new kernels instead of using ones you’ve had sitting around.

Using Olive Oil

Many people love olive oil, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the best choice for everything. Olive oil has a higher smoke point than butter, which means that it has a lower boiling point.

One of the most common mistakes when making popcorn is to use olive oil, which tends to burn at a lower temperature than butter.  The best choice when making popcorn is to use butter since it has a higher boiling point and won’t burn as quickly.

Add the Salt After Making Popcorn

Most people assume that salt makes popcorn less crunchy, but that’s not true.  Salt actually has the opposite effect, making popcorn crunch last longer. So, if you’ve ever added salt to popcorn after it’s already made, try adding it before next time. The result will be even more satisfying than it is now!

Adding Butter After Making Popcorn

Adding butter at the end of the process tends to give popcorn a bad taste.  The reason for this is that the heat from the popcorn usually melts the butter, resulting in a less than satisfactory flavor. Make sure you add your butter just before serving or eating if you want to get that delicious taste everyone loves.

Not Stirring Enough

Mixing your popcorn is a very important step when making popcorn on the stove. Stirring mixes together all of the kernels and coats them with oil or butter, resulting in more even popping.  Make sure to stir your pot frequently, until you can’t hear any kernels pop anymore.

Not Using Enough Oil/Butter

When learning how to make popcorn, many people tend to forget the oil or butter.  Adding too little fat results in popcorn that doesn’t pop properly, resulting in tough or chewy kernels. The general rule is that you should add about a tablespoon of oil or butter for every cup of corn you’re making.

Now that you know these common mistakes when making popcorn, you should have no problem making the best popcorn ever!

In conclusion, following these simple steps will ensure that everyone has a great time at your next popcorn-making party. Bon appetit!