6 Ways to Treat Drug Addicts to Get Rid of Total

Drug abuse will certainly negatively impact its users. Not only interfere with social activities and life, but drugs can also cause death! Are you, your friends, or relatives a drug addict? Want to get out of the drug trap? So, how do you treat drug addicts? so, maybe people who consumed these illegal items will stop?

What Are Drugs? Narcotics is short for narcotics and drugs / dangerous substances. Drugs divide into two types, namely plant drugs such as marijuana, and non-plant drugs such as shabu, cocaine, heroin, and many others. Drugs are dangerous for the body.

Drugs cause dependence or addiction for the wearer. Ironically, many big countries are becoming big markets for the spread of drugs. This is inseparable from the number of drug addicts that exist. Data from World Health Organization shows that in 2017, the number of drug users exceeded 10 million.

How to Treat Drug Addicts? People who consumed drugs are indeed difficult to escape from the bondage of these dangerous drugs. However, that does not mean there are no ways to overcome it. Treating drug addiction can be done in various ways, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Here are some ways to treat drug addicts, as reported by the official website https://www.ixande.co.za/

1. Examination

The first step that will be taken to treat drug addicts is to be examined by doctors and therapists. The purpose of this stage is to find out how much addiction the drug user is, and also to analyze the side effects that are felt.

If it turns out that many drug addicts experience depression, hallucinations, and other behavioral disorders, the therapist will conduct counseling first. After that, just carried out rehabilitation to eliminate the drug addiction. If you are looking for the best rehabilitation clinic to occur the drug addicts, you can try Ixande. Ixande is the best rehab cape town, that provides inpatient clinics dealing with substance use and addiction disorders

2. Detoxification

The next way to treat drug addicts is detoxification. The detoxification stage is quite a difficult stage. At this stage, drug users must be completely not consuming these illegal drugs. This is where the user usually feels ‘torment’ which marks in the body aches and nausea.

Not only that, but users will also experience psychological pressure due to the absence of drug intake that they usually use to calm themselves. In this condition, the doctor will provide drugs to alleviate these side effects. Drug addicts are also asked to consume lots of water and nutritious foods to help with recovery.

3. Stabilization

After the drug addict has successfully passed the detoxification stage, the next step is stabilization. The purpose of stabilization is for the long-term recovery of the wearer.

Doctors will also provide counseling to drug addicts regarding plans after being free from drug traps. This is so that they can be mentally awake and the perpetrator is reluctant to return to using drugs in the future.

4. Activity Management

After the three stages above, drug addicts who have recovered will return to their normal daily activities. However, this did not necessarily make him escape the shadow of drugs. Many former drug addicts who have recovered come back to use drugs at a later date.

Control from people around and family is needed for drug addicts who are in their early post-recovery period. This is to ensure that they no longer hang out in the wrong place and fall back into the dark world of narcotics. This is how to treat drug addicts who require contributions from people other than medical personnel.

5. Exercise

Exercising can also be a way to treat drug addicts to get away from consuming narcotics. Instead of drug addicts not doing activities at all which makes the body weak, the mind is stressed and imagines the side effects of drug use that can create calm, it’s better to do sports activities to divert these negative thoughts.

Drug addicts can do a variety of sports activities, from running, swimming, or lifting weights at the gym. Apart from being distracted, exercise can also restore the body’s previously bad condition due to drug consumption.

6. Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture therapy that originated in China is also considered effective in helping someone recover from drug addiction. By inserting small needles into several pressure points on the body, acupuncture can reduce the discomfort felt due to withdrawal.

Because acupuncture is a type of alternative medicine, it is better to consult with the related doctor before applying this method of treating drug addicts. You can also do rehabilitation at Ixande Rehabilitation Home Ixande Rehabilitation Home, is one of the best rehab in Cape Town which provides a wide range of medical detoxification and inpatient care programs for drug addicts in Cape Town.

Side Effects of Drug Addiction

Drugs provide opium for the wearer. A drug addict can’t get away from this haram thing. Several side effects will be felt by drug users if they do not take drugs for a certain time. These side effects are divided into two, namely emotional effects and physical effects.

Emotional side effects of drug use include:

  • Mood inconsistencies
  • Anxious
  • Depression
  • Paranoid
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Abnormal sleep cycle
  • Hallucinations
  • Intention of suicide
  • Anti-social

While the side effects of drugs concerning physical conditions consist of:

  • Headache
  • Body pain
  • Limp
  • Eye contact disorders
  • The skin looks pale

If you or a relative has used drugs and felt the things above, it could be that you are already in the stage of drug addiction. Immediately see a medical expert or rehabilitation institution so you can apply the methods of treating drug addicts as described.

Tips to Avoid Yourself from Drug Addiction

When you are addicted to drugs, it can be difficult and, it will take a long time to heal. Therefore, avoid things that can potentially lead you to drugs. Some tips to avoid drug addiction such as:

  1. Busy yourself with positive activities
  2. Avoid promiscuity
  3. Strengthen faith by worshiping diligently
  4. Cultivate the mindset that drugs are just a moment’s pleasure, the rest is a catastrophe

Healthy and Happy Life Without Drug Addiction

Of all the stories and news that we often hear and see, there is no such thing as a drug addict having a happy life. They all experience what is known as anhedonia, which is the inability of the body to feel pleasure due to low dopamine levels. Moreover, drugs only accelerate our death.

There are ways to treat drug addicts. But why go through a long and torturous healing process if we can avoid drugs? Hope it is useful!

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